Thursday, 13 February 2014

On Saturday morning, me and my flatmate Alice wrapped ourselves up in big coats and scarves and headed down to the Custard Factory in Birmingham for the B2B Antiques and Vintage Bazaar. The Custard Factory was the home to Bird's Custard in Victorian times, but since then it has been beautifully restored to a space for creative businesses, independent retailers and uniquely different culture outside of London. We've always managed to miss the B2B Antique events before, so I was so pleased when I checked Twitter earlier on in the week and happened to notice it was on.

The fair itself took part in a few different parts of the Factory, but the biggest part was in a warehouse-style room. It was so cold in there, mostly due to the vast empty space, however, what I found was worth being cold all day for.

Hidden amongst the vintage gems on a particular rail, I saw a glimpse of pale blue peeking out at me. When I grabbed it I instantly fell in love with what I'd found. A cropped blue 1980s MaxMara jacket with a gorgeous faux fur collar. The lady who sold it to me told me a story that it belonged to an Italian ballerina who was selling her whole wardrobe as she was moving to New York. Alice was cynical about the story but I'm choosing to believe it! The biggest thrill about buying vintage clothes for me is the story attached to them. I usually ask the sellers if they know, but if they don't then I make them up. I think I'm a bit of a romantic at heart!

I also got my hands on these cute 1950s glasses. I love all the designs but my absolute favourite is the New York one. I'd love more of them! I hope these have got a beautiful story behind them too.

Have you been to any cool antique or vintage fairs recently? What's your best vintage buy?


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