Tuesday, 7 January 2014

As a way to finish off 2013 and tie it up with a big red bow, I had a long look through all the pictures I took in 2013. Admittedly, it took a long time but it was great to look back at everything I've done this year and occasionally think "oh yeah! I'd forgotten about that...". I thought it would be a nice idea to give you all a snapshot of my year, as well as being something I can look back at to remember the year that was. So, without further ado, here is January through to June 2013, through my eyes...

Back to uni in January was completed with an achingly good burger!

In February I ran a stall selling my hand made false nails and doing nail art on some lovely customers at a vintage fair.

Easter bought about the best brunch I've ever made with my gorgeous friends!

Chocolate cornflake cakes; perfect way to use up that leftover Easter chocolate!

One of my lovely best friends and I

2013: The year I started learning to drive!

What a load of bull!

Fun with tequila at our Mexican night!

Leicester Tigers Legends charity rugby match in April

Mayday bank holiday weekend in London with my babe

Mad Hatter's afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel for my lovely Dad's birthday!

Intern outfit in May!

A favourite hideout of mine in the garden, full of lovely blossom

The Next AW13 Press Day in London

Most delicious Oreo Cookie Brownies if I do say so myself!
First boat session of the summer
Back home for summer
Summer's here!


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