Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Getting your five a day isn't always easy and can seem like a chore if you don't like eating fruit and veg too much. That's why smoothies are such a brilliant way to get the good stuff into your body, while you enjoy every last slurp.

To make two smoothies you'll need;
About 100ml-200ml apple juice (start with less then add more if it's too thick)
2 pears
A couple of big handfuls of frozen summer fruits (blackberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants)
A stick blender/blender/smoothie maker

Start by pouring in just over 100ml of apple juice. I'm a bit vague with this quanitity because 100ml wasn't enough for me and made the smoothie too thick, but if you have a proper smoothie maker 100ml might be fine.

Roughly chop up your pears and add them to your blender/jug/smoothie maker. Help your blender friend out by chopping them kind of small and roughly the same size so you don't get left with any big lumps.

Get your frozen fruits and add them too. I used a few big handfuls (and threw in a few extra for good luck). You can get frozen berries from most supermarkets, but if you can only find fresh I'm sure they'll be fine too, it just won't be as cold (unless you use ice cubes too).

This selection was under £2 from Aldi and was perfect, if anything too big. I was originally going to make it with blueberries because of all the amazing anti-oxident qualities they have, but I don't love blueberries and they were more expensive, so I changed my mind when I got to the supermarket.

This is a case of add what you like and can afford. However, I do think smoothies are good ways to add those things in that you're not particularly keen on but you know are good for you, for example, blueberries for me. If you have lots of other lovely stuff in there, it might hide the taste of them a little bit. (Obviously this depends what you put it, so be sensible with your flavours and choose fruits that you know will compliment each other!)

Whizz it all up until its smooth and has no big lumps that you won't be able to suck through a straw. When it's all smooth its up to you to judge whether it's too thick or not. Mine was, so I added slightly more apple juice. Taste it too, and see if there's a flavour you'd like to taste more of.

This smoothie is kind of sharp in a refreshing way and because of the frozen berries it was super cold. All smoothies are best drunk right away, especially if they contain lots of fresh fruit as the fruit can oxidise right away and make it taste funky. So, pour it into your favourite glass, find a little spot in the sunshine, close your eyes and sip away. Or, if you're in England right now and are also enduring this unseasonal Arctic blizzard, sit by your radiator and pretend it's summer, just like me.


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