Friday, 15 March 2013

Pretty much all my friends go to uni, so for the majority of the year we're all split up and spread all over the country studying. This means I don't get to see them all as often as I'd like to, however over the holidays, we all come back to our little town and have 3 weeks of madness (or 3 months of it in the summer) and remember why we are the best of friends... because no one else will have us and our stupid ways.

This morning, me and two of my lovely friends Lillie and Jazz met up for brunch so we could catch up. It was only us three because unfortunately no one else is back yet. I can almost guarantee this will be the first of many brunches as everyone else starts to slowly trickle back into town over the coming weeks.

I got over to Lillie's house mid-morning with a bag full of bacon and strawberries, to see that she'd been a domestic goddess (which is very out of character) and already whipped up some American pancake batter. Therefore, unfortunately I can't give you the recipe for the pancakes, but I know she used Delia Smith's recipe so you can google that.

After a failed attempt of trying to make a pancake by Lillie, I decided (like the control freak I am) to take over and make them. Lillie's talents lie better with making the table and herself look pretty ;). After everything was prepped we chucked it onto huge piles and put it all in the middle of the table like a delicious free-for-all.

I'd never tried bacon and maple syrup pancakes before but all I can say is OH WOW. I don't think I'll be able to go back to plain old Nutella anymore. I also tried my hand at bacon, maple syrup and strawberry pancakes and that was a definite winner too.

I had a lovely morning and would recommend you have a homemade brunch with your nearest and dearest next time you have a catch up. It was so much nicer and cheaper than anything we could have got from the caf├ęs in town, all from the comfort of home! And if you have friends as good as mine, they'll make the house look pretty so you can blog about it :)

The other good thing about brunch is that it leaves you time to do stuff in the afternoon, so I put my time into painting my nails all summer-y while trying to avoid looking at how much it was raining outside...

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