Sunday, 3 March 2013

Well hello there!

This may well be the first time you've stumbled across my blog and if it is then boy are you in for a treat! This is the new re-vamped Elizabetty Spaghetti blog. I first started one about a year ago, but quickly got bored and gave up writing it. I was trying too hard to make it like the blogs I had read, but I've now decided to make it just like me and my life, not somebody else's. That means I need to find my thing. You know what is my thing? Food.

So, a little summary of me. My name is Betty and I'm currently in my second year at university. Food is and has always been one of my big loves in life. Ever since I started uni, I've always cooked good, proper meals from scratch, because its all I've ever known. My Mum is an amazing cook and owns a catering business with her best friend, my Dad used to own a restaurant, my Auntie has owned restaurants and cafés for the past 30 years and I've worked in cafés & restaurants since I was 13... so you could say its in my genes to love food.

I decided to start a food and lifestyle blog because I constantly read them and fell in love with them. However, my favourite blogs are the ones about the authors extravagant lives where they go out to eat lobster and party in the most exclusive bars in London. As a student, that is certainly not the life I'm leading (yet). I want to read a blog where I can think, "Heyyyyyyy... I can do that!" So this blog is going to be about my super easy, super cheap recipes, great places to go to eat or spend the day on a budget, my life and some nail art too (because that's another side to my life, but I'll tell you about that when we get to that.).

I know I'd like to read a blog about this kind of stuff, so I think there must be some others out there who do too. So this time this blog is on my terms. It's about my life, my interests and my food!

I hope you stick around with me. X


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