Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sometimes, I get the urge to write a blog post even if I'm not sure why. This is definitely one of those occasions. A couple of weeks ago, I got a new phone (the Sony Z1 Compact). When I got it everyone was so shocked that I'd decided not to just upgrade straight to the next iPhone, but I was convinced I'd made the right choice because of the reviews the camera had gotten (It's 20 megapixels compared to the iPhone 5's measly 8 megapixels). Seeing as I do all my blog pictures from my phone, I thought it would be a great idea to have a better camera.

When I bought the phone home that night however, I soon had a nagging feeling I'd done something very stupid. "I can't get emojis on this phone", I whispered to my flatmate Alice, tears in my eyes. "Grow up", she replied. I needed to hear that. I've finally gotten over the fact I can't see them *displeased emoji* and I'm hoping the brainboxes at Android are going to make some supercool alternative to them soon so I won't feel like the only person unable to communicate just by a quick heart eyed smiley face.

Once I put the camera in use however, all my earlier worries disappeared and I'm glad I made the decision now. If you've read my last two blog posts, they were all done with my new camera and I think I'm taking some much better pictures. So this post really is to share two of my favourite pictures that I've taken so far.

There's not much natural beauty in the city I live in, so my favourite time of the day is sunset. I've always been obsessed with sunsets, especially coming from my beautiful hometown by the sea where the sunsets can be utterly breathtaking. With the gorgeous spring weather we've been having recently, I managed to take this snap of the sunset on Saturday night. I don't know whether it was because I was having a lovely and long-awaited weekend with my boyfriend, or because the timing of those perfectly positioned clouds was just right, but this is one of the best sunset pictures I've ever taken. The clouds look like an oil painting.

I took this picture when we were on the roof of our building last weekend. I don't think I had meant to take it, but when I looked back I loved the bokeh effect the lights of the city and the glow of the moon had turned into. At home, I just love the clear nights. Coming from such a rural place, where the streetlights go off after midnight, we're so lucky in the fact that we've not got much light pollution, so the views of the stars at night are just unreal. Sometimes I look up the entire way on my walk back from work (I work in a restaurant so always finish late) and it just feels like I'm looking at a picture. The beauty of a clear night sky is that the longer you look at it, the more you see. That sight is something I know I will never take for granted.

I'll stop lusting over how much I love nature now. But if you do too and have taken some sweet shots yourself I'd love to see them. Link me below or come find me on Instagram and I'll look at your page!


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