Saturday, 29 March 2014

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have opinions on people we don't know. More specifically; celebrities. Some people may be quick to judge tabloid newspapers and magazines about how judgemental they can be, especially towards the appearance of female celebrities, but we have to admit that one way or another we will have an opinion about a celebrity - even if it's just that you like their work or you don't. For the record; I think the way the tabloids nitpick at every detail of a celebrities life is just ridiculous. They criticize a woman for loosing weight, gaining weight and even sometimes staying the same weight. Sometimes I wonder what the people writing those articles are like. I wonder if they have self-esteem issues themselves? ANYWAY, back to the point at hand...

Emma Watson is one of those celebrities who could do no wrong in my eyes. Since becoming my first heroin as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, I've always had a lot of respect from her. Seeing her blossom from a child star into a down-to-earth and (it seems) humble young woman, I think she's a fantastic role model for any young girl wanting to get into acting. She turns up, does her job (very well), smiles for the cameras, and that's all we really see of her. The perfect way to live a life in the public eye, in my opinion.

This past week Emma has been on a style winning streak, knocking her outfits out of the park day after day. She's been on a tight PR schedule for her new film Noah, but her wardrobe hasn't dropped the ball once. Below are my favourite recent outfits, all courtesy of
 At The Late Show wearing a Saint Laurent suit

At the Noah première after party in New York, wearing Erdem

At the Noah première in Madrid, wearing J. Mendel

At the Noah premiere in New York, wearing Oscar de la Renta

At a Noah press conference, wearing Peter Pilotto

Leave a comment below and let me know which is your favourite look! Mine has to be a toss up between the Saint Laurent suit and the Erdem dress. It's so hard to choose though, I love them all!


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