Monday, 30 September 2013

If I haven't gone on about it enough, there's one big thing you should know about me: I'm a beach girl. I was born and bred on the beach and when I think of 'home' all that comes to mind is blue sea and golden sands. Wherever I am, my heart will always be with the sea. I'm also 99% sure that people are bored of me mentioning this fact.

For this reason, I love surf brands. Not only do I love to check their websites for some great snaps of blonde haired, golden skinned gods and goddesses, but for the laid back and cool attitude of their clothing too.

I was having a nosy at the Billabong website (trying to find some information about where their head office is... California btw, score! #dreamingofbeingacaligirl) and came across their winter 13/14 lookbook. I loved the imagery so much and the way they'd put the book together, I thought I'd show you some of my favourites. All picture credits to the lovely ladies and lads at Billabong.

Keep it up Billabong.

Yours sincerely, missing the beach xxx


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